Difficult, what is this about? It could be many things.

Takajo is mostly written and fully maintained by Richard Valk. Here is where we collect stuff of interest, publish findings that helped us or talk about our projects.

The content is managed as a static website which is generated using Hugo. I’ve created the template myself but not without standing on the shoulders of others. I’ve re-used pieces of code from several other templates but the biggest inspiration for the look came from John Gruber’s blog Daring Fireball. I really liked the simplicity of the layout, and that it works well on multiple devices without getting too complicated.

The site is running on a VPS at Digital Ocean (referral link), which is my goto supplier for virtual machines. I’ve got several including one running my own mailserver. It’s using Mail-in-a-Box which is the perfect solution for a low maintenance solution with excellent community support.