Here is a small summary of my ongoing projects. They are mostly personal projects and many of them won’t see the light of day but some have come to fruition and even some have become obsolete…


Small project with nice domain name for keeping track of my bookmarks. Still needs work to let others signup. Written in Laravel because of the ease of programming and my history with PHP.


Very specific project for the dutch market. A method for making sure you don’t miss the discounts on your favourite products in your local supermarket chain. What I like personally is that the user interaction works via email messages. Which in turn made it easy for me to develop and not to rely on complicated html website build. Completely build with Python, Perl and AWS SES for email messaging.


New project which is still in the idea stage and I’m experimenting with different technologies like encryption tech, AWS SQS and learning Python as a new programming language for me. Is meant as a proof of concept for now.

Small Projects

Here are some of the smaller things I’ve written that might help other: A simple setup for automated deploying of Multipass virtual machines using cloudinit. I use this setup for my Boodschappen project to roll-out machines with all the Perl and Python modules. View the repository for more information and how to use it.