20 years of Mac OSX

Twenty years ago the first official release of Mac OSX became available: News article. I still remember my own personal switch to OSX. Till then I was still using Windows for day to day computing and Linux and Solaris for tinkering. OSX brought the best of those two worlds together for me, easy day to day computing with usable software in a nice GUI and all the Unix I could handle. It became just a matter of time before I would switch.

My first encounter with Apple was at work with a classic, the original Macintosh, it was the computer which everyone used to make drawings which could be imported in Wordperfect om an MS-DOS PC (this was the pre Windows era). My parents have always used a Mac, from the first Performa, the colorful translucent iMac, then every iteration of iMac design that followed to which now seems to end for them in an iPad.

My first Mac was the first Mac mini that was released with the G4 PowerPC with a second one quickly after that. The first intel version I got was a year later. In that period I was very busy with getting my mail server configuration working (see switch.richard5.net and diymacserver.com for more information)