No more iPhone mini?

My first iPhone was a 4s and I loved them ever since. Got a 6 and then an 8, the next upgrade was difficult. I loved the form factor and size of the 4, 5 and 6. The 8 had become slightly larger but was thinner. Newer iPhones only seemed to get bigger and bigger which was hard to accept. Luckily the SE stayed small so if my iPhone should fail I could get that one.

I was over the moon when Apple released the iPhone 12 mini, it was powerful and above all other features it was my favorite form factor, small! Due to the pandemic it was hard to get my hands on one, I like to hold and touch phones (and other stuff) before I buy. The hold and feel of stuff is important to me. So when I got the chance to hold an iPhone 12 mini and admire the new blue color I was sold. I bought it directly. It was a while that I was this happy with a new iPhone, compared to the 8 it was a screamer on speed and the photo’s where a lot better.

Then new items started appearing that the mini wasn’t really selling? I didn’t and still don’t understand it because I heard a lot of people looking for the smaller iPhone. Now this rumor appeared in the register that Apple might discontinue the mini after the 13. I really hope not… Otherwise my 12 has to last for quite some time before I can buy a new iPhone.