Next evolution of site

It was time to take a fresh look at this blog, the template I used had too many connections to third party components that were capable of tracking you and me. I didn’t like it so I switched to a cleaner setup, edited all the third party content out of it. Hosting the fonts locally and this is the current result, but still not 100% happy with the looks so there might be some tweaks coming along. Also up, automatically deploy when I change anything, because currently it’s a manual task.

Update: I’ve succeeded in getting the automated process running with the help of git hooks, namely post-recieve. After writing or changing content I commit it to my git repository and then push it to my test server in the cloud from which the site is rebuild. From there I can test it and if there aren’t to many blatant spelling mistakes I merge the changes into the master branch and commit and push again. This results in a fresh production rebuild and a copy via scp to the actual web server.